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Kawan Baik

Kau tahu apa erti kawan baik atau 'best friend' bagi aku?

Kawan baik tu bukan yang selalu mengiyakan apa yang aku kata.
Kawan baik itu bukan yang selalu mengikut segala permintaan aku.
Kawan baik itu bukan yang selalu ada di depan mata.
Kawan baik bagi aku bukan yang selalu bela aku kalau aku buat salah, tapi yang menasihati untuk membetulkan kesalahan aku.
Kawan baik bagi aku bukan yang selalu ada depan mata aku, tapi yang aku dapat rasa dekat walau jauh beribu batu.
Kawan baik bagi aku bukan yang selalu senyum depan aku dan di belakang aku sebaliknya, tapi yang depan dan belakang aku dia dapat buat perkara yang sama, sebab aku tak punya masa untuk ada kawan yang bermuka-muka. Aku tak punya masa untuk menjaga hati kawan dan mengabaikan perasaan sendiri. Aku tak punya masa untuk best friend forever dalam fb, ig.

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Teaching Children about Classification

Classification is one of the important skills in Early Mathematics. Classification means to sort or group the objects by some common characteristics. For example:

to classify the animals in groups (number of legs, giving birth/ laying eggs, etc.).to classify the fruits according to classify the clothes according to sizes (big, medium, small). This is one of teaching materials made by my students as an assignment. From the teaching material, students will learn to recognize colours and shapes as well as to classify the objects accordingly.
                                                     Classification according to shapes.
Classification according to colours.
In the early age, children learn about classification to differentiate between big numbers and small numbers. At their level, they need to recognize about big and small numbers for doing subtraction process. They only can subtract a small number from a big number as young children still do not learn about negative nu…

Hiking at Bukit Besi, Denai Alam, Cheras

It was my first time going to Denai Alam. We gathered and parked our cars in front of OCBC Cheras. Then, we just need to cross the road to reach Bukit Besi. It took about 1 and half hour (including waiting time for some of the team members) to finish our hiking. I love to see the beautiful view from the top. Bukit Besi is the easiest one for me so far. As we finished hiking at Bukit Besi, we rushed to Bukit Dinding, Wangsa Maju for our second hiking. Alhamdulillah, we succeeded in hiking two hills yesterday!

Talking to Myself

Reading about people's kindness has left me a new feeling - feeling of a must to forgive people and have a kind heart - no matter how life treats you.

I even couldn't count how many times did I repeat the words of 'forgiving' people who had put me down and how many times did I try to do good to the said people. Yes, I succeed in treating the said people as good as I can, but deep in my heart I know that there's something unsettled inside.

The pain and the scars are still there. Until now, I couldn't heal my phobias towards certain situation. Whenever I face almost similar situation as before, I feel afraid that the story and mistakes will be repeated.

Only Allah knows how much I force myself to stand up again, after several of falling down and frustrated. Only He knows how I force myself to put my trust on people again and try to act as normal. It's very very difficult for me.

I really hope that this Ramadan will be a turning point for me to be a better per…

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